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A leader in wireless solutions, BlackBerry provides a wide range of applications on a number of wireless instruments worldwide. A BlackBerry device combines award winning technology, software and services to help people stay connected in a busy world. Committed to helping consumers get more out of life with innovative products to help stay connected to family, friends, and work, these products bring together all components of the very best in mobile communications.

BlackBerry can help you streamline your busy lifestyle so that you can achieve more and have time to connect in ways that are most important to you with the best in communications technology available. A better way to combine a cell phone, an organizer, email, SMS, contacts and a web browser into one smart and cutting edge device, it can be the solution for simplifying your communications needs.

Did You Know:

Eye scanners might soon be used to verify cell phone owners. According to a UK-based company that has completed development of a portable iris scanner, this technology will map the iris for individual characteristics, and then use the map for security scans to identify the phone's owner.

The chances for two separate human irises to match are about one in seven billion.

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