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Only one part of this fortune 100 company, Motorola cell phones and mobile devices are driven to revolutionize the market with their customers in mind. A leader in communications products, accessories and technology, Motorola wants you to reach the people you need in all facets of your life and "the spaces in between".

Committed to bringing cutting edge technology into ordinary living, Motorola has transformed their company from small beginnings to a forefront in the mobile communications industry. With a desire to keep their products moving at the pace that their customers are living, they have developed and changed over the years to create the very best in wireless technology.

All that Motorola strives to do is focused around creating and developing products that connect people to each other and the world around them. Using innovation and style, they are driven to make things better and life easier for all of those who use their products.

Did You Know:

In the first 6 months of 2004, it was estimated that cell phone subscribers used 500 billion minutes of talk time. That converts to 8.3 billion hours and 347 million days of cell phone talk. The totals for 2004 reached 1.1 trillion talk time minutes.

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